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Construction Methodology - Why Build Modular?

Faster. Smarter. Greener.

Modular or systems built construction, is a process in which a home is constructed off-site, under controlled conditions in a manufacturing facility, using the same materials with less waste, designed and built to the same codes and standards as conventionally site built homes – but in about half the time and typically more cost effectively. Homes are constructed in “modules” that are then put together on site and finished to the same design level and specification requirements of a site-built home.

Building off-site ensures better construction quality management. Materials are delivered and securely stored at the manufacturing facility to prevent damage or deterioration from moisture and the elements where experienced carpenters construct the home in a controlled environment protected from the variables Mother Nature has to offer. Similar to site built construction, each phase of construction adheres to an independent inspection process – along with other stringent Quality Control standards and testing to ensure quality of construction every step of the way.

For architects, designers and owners alike, a custom modular approach offers levels of design flexibility and construction sophistication that will exceed even the most discerning expectations!

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